Five Benefits of Solid Surface Products

Acrylic, polyester or other hard synthetic materials are used to make solid surface products. They are primarily used in kitchen and bathroom hardware such as sinks, tubs, wall tiles, and service counters. Solid surface can offer many benefits in terms of aesthetics and performance. It is a good idea to get a sample before you install this product. Some materials can scratch easily acrylic solid surface sheet.

These products are a favorite among homeowners, architects, builders, and others involved in renovating properties.

These are five solid surface benefits:

It is easy to clean

A solid surface sink can be easily integrated into a work surface, much like natural stone or quartz. It has a sleek and smooth appearance that is easy to clean. This material is non-porous and is safe for kitchens and other areas.

Stains are not an issue

These products are non-porous, which means that food or liquids cannot penetrate the surface. This lowers the chance of staining, bacteria and mildew.

Unique shapes

These modern surfaces are made from acrylic resins or polyester, which can be heat-sculpted to create unique shapes and configurations. Acrylic resin is more flexible and can hold darker colors better than polyester, but it is more popular for its flexibility. This material can also appear like stone or other materials due to its manufacturing process.

It does not fade

Even though the solid surface products can be installed in kitchens with bright open windows, they are resistant to UV damage and won’t fade in the future.

High Strength

Solid surface products are stronger than laminate materials because the plastic runs the entire length of the surface. It is therefore more resistant to impact damage.



These products could have potential drawbacks

Solid surface products can be tough, but they’re not the best choice for installing in the kitchen or bathroom. Many of these products use a material that’s softer than other options like quartz composite. Acrylic polymer composites should not be scratched, dented, or otherwise damaged. Although it is possible to fix the surface defects, it is best to use a specialist repair kit.