How to Install a WhatsApp Spy on Someone’s Phone

There are several ways to spy on someone’s WhatsApp activity, but this method is particularly effective within a close circle of friends. To install a WhatsApp spy on someone’s phone, you need access to the phone of the person you’re interested in for long enough to capture their MAC address. Using a spoofing app, you then plant the captured MAC address onto your own smartphone. Enter the phone number of the person you’re interested in spying on and receive a verification code via SMS.


If you want to know what your partner is up to on WhatsApp, you can get a reliable solution with Spyzie. This app allows you to spy on the conversations and group chats of your target. It tracks your target’s activity in these groups and backs up messages in real time. Spyzie is easy to install and setup, and requires no hacking experience. With its stealth mode, you can best spy apps for android on your partner without being detected.


iKeyMonitor is a powerful tool that lets you monitor WhatsApp conversations on both iOS and Android devices. The app supports both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices, so you can use it regardless of your phone’s operating system. You can monitor your loved ones’ WhatsApp conversations and use the program’s remote recording capabilities to record calls and messages remotely. Once recordings are complete, you can download them to your secure Cloud Panel and review them anytime.


PanSpy is a powerful monitoring solution for Android devices. It gives you remote access to your target’s phone’s activities. You can also monitor Facebook, Twitter, and other social apps. You can also restrict screen time and block specific applications. Here are some ways to use PanSpy to monitor your child’s social media and WhatsApp activity. Once you’ve installed PanSpy, you can monitor any social media app on the phone.


TheTruthSpy is a popular software program designed to monitor the activities of cell phones, such as WhatsApp. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices, so you can monitor activities on both of these platforms. TheTruthSpy runs on both Android 2.2 and later versions. The Standard plan does not offer all features, including the ability to remotely record phone calls, view contacts, view browser history, and access multimedia files. Users can easily set up their account by following easy instructions.


XNSPY is a WhatsApp monitoring app that is designed for mobile devices. To install it on a target device, you need the user’s permission and physical access to the device. You can do this through sideloading or remote installation. You should be wary of fake clones which claim to offer remote installation, and are likely scams. After installing the app, you can start viewing the messages, contacts, and call history of the target device.

DDI Utilities

If you are looking for a WhatsApp spy app, DDI Utilities is an excellent option. This application is similar to Spylix, which means you purchase a package, install it on the target device, and then monitor it from a web dashboard. This software is completely legal and does not require you to have any special tech skills or expensive equipment. All you need is a stable internet connection and an active email address.