LED Symptoms While in the Store Window Provide Much more Business

LED signs are fast taking over from neon and fluorescent as illuminated window signs in all sorts of shops and retail establishments. They are bright and eye-catching and can be seen clearly from a distance, broadcasting their message to passers-by and bringing in new business.

There are a variety of standard signs readily monument signs available from signage suppliers or you can have one custom designed for your business. Some of the most popular LED signs are single word signs designed to be read in a snap second, informing and attracting customers, who might otherwise walk on by.

The most common of these is the OPEN sign. Closed doors can often send mixed messages: passers-by may not know whether or not your shop is open, especially in early mornings and late evenings when other stores around you are closed. To make sure that customers don’t hesitate before trying your door, a bright and cheerful open sign is essential. It will also catch the eye of passing drivers who may then be persuaded to stop on an impulse for supplies. Some Open signs can switch to reading Closed at the touch of a button, saving customers the irritation of trying your door to find it locked.

Another useful standard sign is the illuminated ATM sign. If your business offers that service it makes sense to let people know about it by placing a bright sign in your window. You may persuade new customers into your store to use the ATM, who would not normally visit, and then once inside they are more likely to purchase other products and services.

Hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts all benefit from an LED sign that can read either Vacancies or No Vacancies. The bright illuminated sign attracts passing motorists who might not otherwise stop to enquire. This especially true of the early evening, when last minute travellers might be searching for a bed for the night. And switching over to the No Vacancies message saves you from frustrated would-be guests, when you are busy looking after a full house.

When you choose LED signs you gain twice over. Besides benefiting from the additional business brought by clear and attractive signage, using LEDs saves you a significant amount of electricity over old-style neon and fluorescent illuminated signs. This reduces energy bills over the long-run and improves your carbon footprint. Quality LED signs are also long-lasting, requiring minimum maintenance over their lifetime.

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