Why Drivers at the Back of A Rear-End Collided Car are (Always) Wrong?

In terms of car accidents, there are many types of impact occurring in the accident such as head-on collisions, side-impact collisions, and chain reactions. But there is a type of impact that drivers at the back of a car which is rear-end collided tend to be wrong: rear-end collisions. Here is the answer for this question and how to defend yourself if you are not at fault:

Drivers at the Back of the Rear-End Collided Car are Considered Careless

Whether cars at the front of you suddenly brake or not, according to Thailand’s law, cars at the back of the other cars should leave some space for a safe brake when in need. Because of that, whether you have reasons for the sudden brake or not, you are likely at fault. However, if you collide with another car because you are suddenly overtaken. You have to make sure that you have evidence for police officers and insurance agents. Otherwise, there will be a high tendency of you being at fault.

If Cars Changing Lanes Suddenly, It Might Turn Your Table

Like being overtaken by another car, cars that suddenly change their lanes is another case that the car behind them is not at fault. If you experience cars that change lanes suddenly, making you unable to brake in time, as you can explain the situation, or even better, have the evidence of the accident, you will be assured that you will not be at fault.

 From these situations explained above, there are also factors such as the distance between the car at the front and the car at the back, the speed of both cars, and even the alcohol level in drivers’ bloodstream. However, as said before, if you are sure that you have done nothing that makes you at fault, make sure that you explain to both police officers and insurance agents clearly. And to make them believe, installing car cameras beforehand would be a great idea. If there is no footage of the accident for those people. They would not believe you, and you would be in a bothersome situation.

 And to make sure that in case you are involved in a car accident, purchasing car insurance in Thailand is also a wise choice for you as you do not have to worry about the repair costs for you and others. And with roadside assistance service, you can just call the call center when you are in need of help such as ‘tow truck’ service, ambulance service, ‘make a claim’ service, and more.