Why Photographers Need To Use a Digital Camera Downloader Program

As a digital camera owner you may not be surprised to learn that digital downloader software to automate image transfer from your camera or card-reader is important. Everyone needs to get their images from point A the camera to point B the PC and we need this task performed with the minimum of fuss and bother. As photographers we are all aware that there are occasions when we will need images rotated or some photographs may require a little resolution adjustment. Using professional digital camera downloader program like RoboImport to automate photo transfer and to perform some image adjustments easily manages mundane digital camera workflow tasks.

When purchasing your new digital camera it may acchihealth.com come with program that claims to be the “gift with your purchase”, some quaint little image viewer. Usually this digital camera downloader software is offered on a trial basis or it is the bare minimum quality, if it’s any good at all. With the lower cost of digital cameras today many don’t even come with any digital camera downloader software at all, in fact if you’re lucky your camera package might come with a driver for your computer for digital camera communication but nothing else at all. Some new images may believe that since their new camera did not come with any special digital camera workflow program, it’s not required. Unaware that the uploading photographs from their camera does not require time consuming steps. They will begin by creating directories, then picking photographs out one by one and face the next process of managing and arranging. This is simply unthinkable for professional photographers or even new photography enthusiasts who have thousands of photo to process and catalog.

Digital camera workflow program specifically developed to import your photos from your camera to your PC does far more than automate the photo transfer process. Any program that would just perform just this task is really quite inadequate. Photographers require professional digital camera workflow software such as RoboImport. This recommended digital camera workflow program will detect the camera connection for us photographers that may not be seasoned computer experts. RoboImport will create the required directories to transfer the images into, and even rename it accordingly. Some less professional digital camera downloader program may present a problem during the upload process by duplicating filenames and sadly overwriting other treasured photographs that may be present in the computer. RoboImport takes the precaution of renaming images from the standard number your digital camera presets, by reading and recording the EXIF information of the photographs to create a unique code representing the date and time the picture was photographed. The complete EXIF information including your cameras make, model and settings will also be transferred with your images, retaining this information is absolutely necessary for professional photographers.

RoboImport will also rotate images when required, correct image resolution (DPI) and add any further IPTC-NAA information to the photos you would like to include. When managing hundreds of images this is an exceptional time saving feature. Wildlife and travel photographers are also considered with the added ability of RoboImport to include GPS coordinates of the photos location.

Professional photographers who do not have access to their RAW images do not do their work any justice. JPEG images are not as good in quality and are prone to bleeding and blurring the photographer was not responsible for, and certainly their camera did not create, this is a result of the compression required to convert photographs JPEG images or other formats. RoboImport saves both the RAW image file and the JPEG image in separate directories giving the photographer the image they really took, as security and backup against format conversion damage.